Media Services

Optimista is a website designing company in Chennai for creative services on web like customized website designing or business website designing.


2D & 3D Animations

Your client’s decision is largely effected by the impact of your audio/ visual presentations. Optimista helps to make that positive impression on your prospective or existing clients with an impressive flash designing services. Optimista suggests flash animations to infuse vibrancy in your business project or presentations using 3-D animation, images and graphics. These corporate flash presentations can be easily transmuted into a CD-Rom presentation adding flexibility to your project.



With over 16 years experience we are specialists in photography.Employing some of the most experienced staff in the industry, you can trust us to deliver unrivalled quality results.We are recognised as innovators in digital photography and have one of the most advanced in-house production facilities in the world.Our exacting standards don’t just stop when our photographers have left your school. We print the photographs, produce the mounts and make the picture frames too. Having control over the entire process ensures that your school photographs are produced to the highest possible standards.


Editing & VFX

Our production services for film and video cover everything from creative direction and script development, through to live action filming, motion design,special effects and post-production. We also house a leading visual effects studio that specializes in creating photo-real visual effects that help bring products and environments to life.We understand the intricacies and challenges of production and we have the professional services, facilities and flexibility that fit your bill and help you create stunning visuals.


Titling Effects

Titling software is very important when it comes to credit rolls and acknowledgments in any video content and even in still photos. In movies, most of the time the credit rolls happens at the end but some movie makers prefer to have it at the beginning of the movie. Advertising companies also use this tool to make quick effects. Now, did you ever wonder how are these film makers and advertising companies achieved those titling effects? I will show you one of their secrets.


Commercial Advertising

Companies use commercials to reach those who view television shows or watch videos on TV or online. Because it is easy to turn a channel, skip through recorded commercials or close a Web browser, those who make commercials must try to make their advertisements as compelling as possible. Advertisers employ a handful of techniques to reach target audiences and promote products.