About company

Optimista Technologies is a company which believes in team work and technology. We as a development company, equip our people with the latest technology evolutions through periodic training and meetings. We make sure, all our developers are designers and all our designers are developers. We insist on cross platform expertise to make sure our team is capable to handle any kind of projects with ease.

We started as a design company and later moved on to development. Now our core expertise is Web Designing, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Internet Marketing, Logo Design, Brochure Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

Once you have selected your preferred professional design service package, simply fill-up the questionnaire provided to you so that we get to know more about your business. It helps us to get familiarized with the uniqueness and nature of your business. You also get the opportunity to communicate to us your desired logo features, preferred color combinations as well as the vision of your company. We believe that transparency is essential to create a logo and site that can exactly suit your requirements and that is why, we always encourage you to share small details about your business that can aid in the process of logo and website designing.

About Us